'COgITo eRgO sUM'

                                           ~Rene Descartes~

Assalamualaikum and hi again..
For those who are wondering  about the picture above, well he is the famous French Philosopher that created the quote "Cogito Ergo Sum". (for those who already know him , bear with me, since I am but a new lover of art thank to my Ath assignment :)...)

Rene Descartes was born in 1569 and died in 1650. He was a rationalist philosopher that question everything, one that look at the world in a different perspective and leaning more on science.

The meaning of this famous quote is ~~ " I Think, Therefore I Am". This is derived from his Discourse on Methods (1637).It is a philosophical and autobiographical treatise. The full title is Discourse on the Methods of Rightly Conducting One's Reasons and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences. Rene originally wrote it in frence ~~Je pense, donc je suis~~, it was later translated to latin,  hence ~cogito ergo sum. The simple meaning of this phrase is if you ever wonder that you really exist, then in doing so you does exist. 

From my understanding of the french revolution, the public then was in utter chaos after the downfall of the french monarchy.  That is when the philosophy was widely used. The people started to think for themselves without relying to the monarchy or  the church..

This era really is a  learning process for human being as whole. I mean the people back then really knows how it felt to be oppress and rise to solve the situation.. They experienced the industrial revolution where machine were created, urban dwelling , and all the problems that came along with the industrialization.
The understanding of the importance of irrigation, construction and , infrastructure in an urban dwelling. this sort of thing really help generate the mindset of western people especially. But the most important thing is really the motivation to create and design new invention. 


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